Who Will Be The Captains For The Missions Everyday Draft NFT Project?

3 min readMar 7, 2022


A couple weeks ago Trevor Marks wrote how Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends 🐼🐯🐬🦍🐘🦒 and Book Games 📕🕹 NFT projects influenced and helped design ‘Missions Everyday’ and ‘The Draft’ to make the vision of his NFT project possible in the first place ❤️

Here’s a detailed three pager

breaking down this project at an 80,000 foot view. Attached and linked in the three pager are additional resources, a deck and other Medium articles supporting how Trevor Marks created and designed this project!

Who Will End Up Being The Team Captains?

Below are 11 additional examples for who the Team Captains for ‘The Draft’ may end up looking like. Trevor Marks is ready to go all in here and make this happen, one mission at a time!

Having Gary, Scott, AJ and Adam as the captains for Team Empathy and Team Kindness was Trevor’s original idea because of his desire to help Charity Water 💛 ️accomplish it’s mission in our lifetime, to help POP ✏️ get closer to accomplishing their mission and because Trevor wants to partner and work with Gary on impactful projects just like this
Will donated his birthday to Charity Water 🚰 in 2010 and Justin Bieber is a celebrity spokesman and advocate for Pencils of Promise ✏️
DoorDash doesn’t only deliver food, but the company delivers empathy too ❤️ And Vayner knows from experience that kindness is undefeated ❤️
Maybe Bubba wants to get involved and be a team captain! 🏎
Do we bring back Shaq vs Gronk? In 2020, Shaq and Gronk ‘Partied with a purpose’ and DoorDash and Feeding America teamed up to donate up to 1.25 million meals during the course of the party
What if Mark Cuban and Tony Xu teamed up like they did in 2020 for #OpenForDelivery to go toe to toe with Gary Vaynerchuk and Matt Higgins? This time it could be #DeliveringEmpathy and #KillingWithKindness
Obviously DoorDash has partnered with Bubba Wallace. One of Trevor’s friends, Austin Dillon, has been a Coca-Cola partner for years. Maybe we go Team DoorDash vs Team Coca-Cola?
Team Hart vs Team Rock would absolutely have people tune in!
Should we have 100% of the captains be powerful, intelligent and influential women? I could see Team Ellen vs Team Oprah happening!
Or how about the Sharks vs the Sharkettes? 🦈
Or we could draft teams of men and women and make it a competition to see which gender raises more money in 2023! That’d be fun too ❤️
Team Daytime vs Team Late Night would be fun for everyone to watch as well!

The Possibilities Are Truly Endless

Regardless, Trevor Marks is excited to devote 100% of his time to this wholesome and ambitious project moving forward to see how this simple idea can make a profound impact for other people in our world 🌎

We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

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