What is Storygiving?

Here’s the vision for what Storygiving ❤️ will look like by 2030 ️🥊

Below’s our deck showcasing VaynerMissions 🥊 for Gary Vaynerchuk’s company VaynerMedia as our example to paint the picture for what Storygiving ❤️ will look like and how it’ll reinvent and replace societies lifeless, uninspiring, low performing and lackluster charity matching programs at the companies we all work at by 2030. Keep reading! ⬇️

Storygiving empowers employee to become a . For companies and business leaders, storygiving provides to the thousands of and charity matching programs at corporations because we’re known as the throughout their careers.
Now, you might think that existing corporate charity matching programs have already solved this problem, According to Double the Donation, offer charity matching programs,
that their company has one. On top of that, who offer these matching programs actually choose a charitable organization to support.
say they’d be more likely to support a charity and donate if a match is offered. So there’s something because aren’t following This that the existing charity matching programs at the companies we all work at The market is with these and programs. Meanwhile, are decided the executives and leaders. This is because that’s what people
is the company in this space that’s and our by to their to that are , through and these ‘giving stories’ that become over time. We’ve figured out the to make corporate philanthropy work for .
Because the by giving back through we’re making it for to create their throughout their careers.
When an employee chooses a charity to , colleagues of that employee can see the behind they chose that specific charity while also having the option to We’re also building operational software to make it for any business or corporation to onboard onto our platform so they can
Our giving model is . Storygiving has had amongst the employees who’ve had a chance to share their missions and support colleagues who’ve shared their missions too, than the who take advantage of their companies charity matching program. Now unlike all of the corporate matching programs that exist in society, Storygiving and employees to by and their
Because of our great service and everything we’ve learned by people to Storygive, we’ve built the for what the of corporate philanthropy will look like, and it’s much more because that’s what people And we’ve already generated close to
Our engagement proves that but what’s more is that our giving network, operational software and most importantly our and of the enables us to go even giving within our companies in the corporate world to charitable giving in society in general, and we’ll
The lines between our and lives are continuing to be Employees to bring a to their lives and or be prepared to to companies that will. Storygiving is helping provide that thatemployees are and
But don’t take my word for it. After this presentation, I to read what these incredible people their particular charity for their mission through Storygiving.
Just like will become the of by and beyond, will become the of over the next decade too.
Finally, the great news for business leaders and companies is that the Storygive platform the that their contribute to the charities and causes that they This naturally every company’s that they can share with their and with the too, just like in this example
Over time, will follow by their employees to Storygive, the way for the good to for causes about supporting by creating
And in doing so, it will fundamentally how charities like connect with companies, because that’s ultimately what people Over time corporate philanthropy will become because that’s what People to be to People to be to And Storygiving will to become a throughout their career.

If you’re interested in learning more, please let me know. Thank you!



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