What is Storygiving?

Jun 19, 2021


Here’s the vision for what Storygiving ❤️ will look like by 2030 ️🥊

Below’s our deck showcasing VaynerMissions 🥊 for Gary Vaynerchuk’s company VaynerMedia as our example to paint the picture for what Storygiving ❤️ will look like and how it’ll reinvent and replace societies lifeless, uninspiring, low performing and lackluster charity matching programs at the companies we all work at by 2030. Keep reading! ⬇️

Storygiving empowers every employee to become a philanthropist. For companies and business leaders, storygiving provides a completely different alternative and approach to the thousands of lifeless, uninspiring and low performing charity matching programs at corporations because we’re empowering employees to create part of their legacy known as the ‘401K For Your Soul’ throughout their careers.
Now, you might think that existing corporate charity matching programs have already solved this problem, but the reality is that it’s just not true. According to Double the Donation, even though 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer charity matching programs,
78% of match eligible donors have absolutely no idea that their company has one. On top of that, an abysmal 7% of employees at companies nationwide who offer these matching programs actually choose a charitable organization to support.
Yet 84% of donors say they’d be more likely to support a charity and donate if a match is offered. So there’s something entirely off here because our actions aren’t following our words. This proves that the existing charity matching programs at the companies we all work at simply aren’t working. The market is completely underserved with these uninspiring and lackluster programs. Meanwhile, 90% of corporate philanthropy dollars are decided by less than 1% of the workforce; the executives and leaders. This broken system is ripe for innovation and disruption because that’s what people want.
Storygiving is the only company in this space that’s decentralizing, democratizing and automating our broken corporate philanthropy system by inspiring business leaders to empower their employees to support causes and charities that are deeply important to them, through tokenizing and gamifying these ‘giving stories’ that become legacies over time. We’ve figured out the model to make corporate philanthropy work for everyone.
Because the Storygiving platform controls the entire experience for employees by giving back through storytelling their missions, we’re making it possible for business leaders to empower their employees to create their 401K For Your Soul throughout their careers.
When an employee chooses a charity to support as their mission, colleagues of that employee can see the story behind why they chose that specific charity while also having the option to support that charity on behalf of their coworker too. We’re also building operational software to make it dead simple for any business or corporation to onboard onto our platform so they can support their most valuable assets, their employees.
Our giving model is winning. Storygiving has had 95% engagement amongst the employees who’ve had a chance to share their missions and support colleagues who’ve shared their missions too, exceedingly better than the abysmal 7% of employees nationwide who take advantage of their companies charity matching program. Now unlike all of the uninspiring corporate matching programs that exist in society, Storygiving empowers and inspires employees to support their colleagues by tokenizing and gamifying their giving experience.
Because of our great service and everything we’ve learned by empowering people to Storygive, we’ve built the foundation for what the future of corporate philanthropy will look like, and it’s much more decentralized because that’s what people want. And we’ve already generated close to $40,000 in donations for purpose-driven charities.
We’ve figured out how to make corporate philanthropy work for everyone. Our engagement proves that but what’s more is that our giving network, operational software and most importantly our tokenization and gamification of the employee giving experience enables us to go even beyond giving within our companies in the corporate world to charitable giving in society in general, and we’ll expand upon this over time.
The lines between our personal and professional lives are continuing to be blurred together every single day. Employees expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives and employers need to help meet this need, or be prepared to lose talent to companies that will. Storygiving is helping provide that purpose, meaning, connection, community and fulfillment that employees are craving and searching for.
But don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. After this presentation, I encourage you to read what these incredible people said, shared and why they chose their particular charity for their mission through Storygiving.
Just like NFT’s will become the asset version of social media by 2030 and beyond, Storygiving will become the asset version of corporate charity matching programs over the next decade too.
Finally, the great news for business leaders and companies is that the Storygive platform organizes, communicates and showcases the collective impact that their incredible employees contribute to the charities and causes that they care about, support and decide to donate to. This naturally creates every company’s unique giving portfolio that they can share internally with their teams and externally with the rest of the world too, just like in this example showcasing VaynerMissions for Gary Vaynerchuk’s company VaynerMedia.
Over time, companies everywhere will follow VaynerMedia’s lead by empowering their employees to Storygive, branding themselves the way they want for the good they’re bringing to their communities for causes they care about supporting by creating their 401K For Their Soul.
And in doing so, it will fundamentally reinvent how charities like Charity Water connect with companies, but at an employee and personal level, because that’s ultimately what people want. Over time corporate philanthropy will become more and more decentralized because that’s what employees and people want. People want to be included to make an impact. People want to be involved to make a difference. And Storygiving will empower every single employee to become a philanthropist throughout their career. The future of giving is here.

If you’re interested in learning more, please let me know. Thank you!

If you’re more of an audio person and learn better through listening, here’s the video of the deck/pitch!




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