Part 1: VaynerMissions Explained In 2 Minutes

If you’re more of an audio person, check out the YouTube video linked below. If you’d prefer to read along at your leisure, skip the video and read through the slides :)

Gary, this is a short 2 minute pitch explaining the vision of VaynerMissions
One of my favorite Ted Talks talks about when cities allow ordinary citizens to determine exactly where a portion of the budget goes, and how public health improves, corruption declines and trust in government goes up too. I included the link to this Ted Talk, but we’re not going to watch it now
Instead, I’m using this existing Ted Talk as an example for what’s possible at VaynerMedia and eventually companies throughout society in our future. I wanted to set the stage for Gary’s future Ted Talk
once it’s the new normal for business leaders to empower ordinary employees to determine exactly where a portion of corporate philanthropy dollars go, how employees are happier, how corruption declines and how trust within that company skyrockets. In the future, people in society will ask, ‘Why isn’t every corporation doing this like VaynerMedia?’ and other storytelling, purpose-driven and mission-oriented employees at companies everywhere will begin to ask, ‘What if we could help decide how our company gives back to society through storytelling and creating a social giving legacy while we’re at our jobs, just like how VaynerMedia includes and empowers its employees?’
To conclude, VaynerMissions vision is to empower ALL VaynerMedia employees to direct a unique portion of corporate philanthropy dollars to causes and charities that matter to them
in a consumer-centric way in today’s content driven society through storytelling
Then ultimately, VaynerMissions will completely change the entire game when VaynerMissions inspires the larger vision of the 401K for your Soul by inspiring business leaders everywhere to empower their employees to give back in this brand new way
Gary, if you’re inspired and want to hear the advice your friend, Scott Harrison, gave to me in 2019, check out the next short video on the VaynerMissions website

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