NFT Homework Write Up For Gary and Drock About Missions Everyday

Yesterday, Gary Vaynerchuk and DRock tweeted…

So, we wrote this write up for Gary Vaynerchuk, DRock and their entire team to check out. Trevor Marks and Kevin Sofen understood the assignment 🥊😉

What is Missions Everyday?

Think VeeFriends Access Tokens, but in collaboration with hundreds — and eventually thousands — of influencers with 100% of the proceeds benefitting hundreds — and eventually thousands — of different charities ❤️

  • 365 different influencers to support
  • 365 different charities with
  • 365 potential influencer / brand collaborations + sponsorships with and a total of
  • 5,475 different NFT’s (15 for each influencer) that’ll be sold with
  • 100% of the proceeds directly supporting each influencers charity ❤️ they selected, and will repeat every year forever

In exchange for buying the NFT’s, there will be unique once in a lifetime type experiences from the influencers to fans who support their charity (just like Omaze and the All In Challenge as examples, but Missions Everyday recognizes these experiences with NFT’s)

Here’s our full Three Page Write Up

How Do We Choose The First 365 Influencers?

A draft of course! The Missions Everyday community was intentionally designed to be drafted into one of two teams: Team Empathy or Team Kindness; that is if Gary, Scott, AJ & Adam want to be a part of this project!

This draft was designed to…

  • Have 2–10 team captains; Gary, Scott, AJ & Adam as examples shown above
  • Be an exclusive + invite-only community for ‘blue check mark’ influencers
  • Support 365 different charities each year; first come first serve (See Part 1)
  • Also support charity: water 🚰 & Pencils of Promise ✏️ & their missions (See Part 2)
  • An NFT project designed to be played forever

Missions Everyday was also intentionally designed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion by

  • Representing 50% women and 50% men
  • Including different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, professions & industries
  • Inviting different athletes, celebrities, actors / actresses, singers, rappers, DJ’s, comedians, journalists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, astronauts, chefs, TV hosts, models, internet personalities, reality TV stars, artists, writers, activists, politicians and world leaders to join this community ❤️

Our original intent and goal was to provide as much value as possible for charity: water 🚰, Pencils of Promise ✏️ and VaynerNFT. That’s why you see Gary, Scott, AJ and Adam as the ‘captains’ for Team Empathy and Team Kindness above. If for whatever reason Gary, Scott, AJ and / or Adam can’t or don’t want to be involved, then we’ll find other influencers to be the captains and champion this draft. (A few examples below, more in the link / separate article)

Will Smith donated his birthday to Charity Water 🚰 in 2010 and Justin Bieber is a celebrity spokesman and advocate for Pencils of Promise ✏️
What if Mark Cuban and Tony Xu teamed up like they did in 2020 for #OpenForDelivery to go toe to toe with Gary Vaynerchuk and Matt Higgins? This time it could be #DeliveringEmpathy and #KillingWithKindness
Do we bring back Shaq vs Gronk? In 2020, Shaq and Gronk ‘Partied with a purpose’ and DoorDash and Feeding America teamed up to donate up to 1.25 million meals during the course of the party. Plus we KNOW Gary and AJ would love a chance to beat Brady for all the heartache 💔 he’s given them the last 20+ years to their beloved Jets
We could do the sharks vs the sharkettes! 🦈
DoorDash (Trevor’s soon to be former employer) has partnered with Bubba Wallace. One of Trevor’s friends, Austin Dillon, has been a Coca-Cola partner for years. Maybe we go Team DoorDash vs Team Coca-Cola?

we reference DoorDash / Tony Xu a few times. That’s because as of today, Trevor Marks is currently an employee at DoorDash. But last week, he decided to jump off DoorDash’s 🚀 to bring this NFT project to life

March is his last month as an employee at DoorDash. He decided to give up his six figure salary and all of his future stock options for this ambitious and wholesome project ❤️

BEHR 🎨 and Doodles is a recent example of why brands are and will continue to collaborate and be a part of impactful NFT projects ⬇️

In Trevor Marks and Kevin Sofen’s opinion, whether it’s charity: water 🚰 or Pencils of Promise ✏️ or VaynerMedia 📹 or DoorDash 🚗 or all 4 of them together or completely different organizations not mentioned, we’re confident that brands (and influencers) will want to collaborate on this project because of all the ❤️ it’s going to bring to people and society in the future

Speaking of the Future…

On Friday March 4th, Trevor Marks and Kevin Sofen applied for funding through SBF’s Future Fund for two separate ideas, one of them being this NFT project

Team Future Fund vs Team FTX for the draft too!

To them it doesn’t matter who the captains end up being. They have the foundation and the roadmap built for the most impactful NFT project society will see over the next 15+ years.

They’re selfishly looking for the right support and opportunity, so they can selflessly help and support other people and worthy charities ❤️

Now A Couple Days After The Draft Is Over…

We’ll see which influencers choose which charities; in a first come first serve ‘tweetathon’. Once an influencer tweets us the charity they’d like to support ❤️ for Missions Everyday, like Gary’s hypothetical example below

then that charity can NOT be chosen by anyone else in this community that year. We’ll then make and mint a special 1/1 NFT that will be a gift 🎁 to each influencer for being a part of this exclusive community, like Gary’s hypothetical example below

Once we have all 365 influencers and their chosen charities, we’ll get to work creating and minting the 15 unique and custom NFT’s that will be available for fans and the public to bid on throughout 2023 for each charity ❤️ in exchange for special access to each influencer through those once in a lifetime type experiences mentioned earlier!

will be the art, or caricature for each influencer that’s invited to join this community so their NFT’s resemble them and their characteristics; like the examples below from Gary’s VeeCon speaker announcement and from Billboard / World of Women

Trevor Marks And Kevin Sofen Understood The Assignment 😃



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