How Gary’s VeeFriends And Book Games NFT Projects Inspired And Helped Design ‘Missions Everyday’

In May of 2021 Gary Vaynerchuk launched his first NFT project 🐼🐯🐦🐬🦍🐘🦒🐝 VeeFriends. Then in January 2022 he launched 📕🕹 Book Games. And in a few months Gary’s going to launch VeeFriends Series 2. Trevor Marks is a proud owner of 2 📕🕹 Book Games NFT’s that I plan to hold forever!

Trevor’s 📕🕹’s NFT’s

Here’s how Gary Vaynerchuk’s incredibly innovative NFT projects and communities influenced Missions Everyday

First off, what is ‘Missions Everyday’? Think Omaze, but as NFT’s

At the end of 2020 Gary Vaynerchuk auctioned off an opportunity to have lunch with him and to be mentored by him for a year and Chris M won that experience. $234,615 was raised for ✏️ Pencils of Promise — a charity that’s near and dear to Gary’s ❤️

Missions Everyday is like Omaze but it’s designed for Web 3.0 because each NFT will provide a similar ‘Omaze type experience’ but each NFT holder will also be getting…

  • The NFT as an asset & intellectual property
  • Unique once in a lifetime type utility associated with the asset
  • Access to some of the most influential and admired people in our world 🌎
  • A part of the most exclusive community of givers and world 🌍 changers
  • Opportunities for future collaborations as NFT’s become mainstream

The smart contract underneath NFT’s is what most excites Trevor Marks. It provides a new lens on utility, access and collaborations. Starting in 2022 and launching in 2023, each year 365 new influencers will be invited to provide once in a lifetime type experiences for 15 different people that admire and follow them but more importantly directly support a charity close to that influencers ❤️ heart. This community will only grow by 365 influencers every single year, making this an incredibly exclusive community amongst influential world changers

Why would influencers join the Missions Everyday community?

Trevor’s already talked about Omaze, but here’s the All In Challenge Website and Instagram Profile

Part 1 — How VeeFriends 🐼🐬🦍🐘🦒🐝 Inspired Missions Everyday

The 🦅 Hangout Hawk. The 🎁 Gift Goat. The 🎳 Bowling Boa. The 🎾 Tennis Elbow. The Bubble 🏒 Hockey Basset Hound. The Video 🎮 Game Vulture. The Brunch 🐻 Bear. The Dinner 🦌 Deer. The Supper 🐠 Sunfish. The Facetime 5️⃣ Five. The Shadow Me 🦂 Scorpion. The 🏀 Courtside Cat. The list goes on and on!

Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends blueprint has inspired how Missions Everyday was designed for this community; both for the influencers and the eventual NFT tokens holders. Influencers that are invited to this incredibly exclusive community (because restricting the community is important!) have a platform to raise money for charities close to their ❤️ hearts. And the eventual NFT token holders get unique once in a lifetime type experiences and access to influencers they admire and would like to meet

15 NFT’s For Each Influencer

Here’s the breakdown

  • 5 Facetimes — inspired by the 📱 Facetime 5️⃣ Five and Hangout 🦅 Hawk
  • 4 Special Giftsinspired by the 🎁 Gift 🐐 Goat
  • 3 Brunches, Lunches or Dinners — inspired by 🥞 🍳🥓 Brunch 🐻 Bear, 🍲🌯🥩 Dinner 🦌 Deer and 🍔🌮🍱 Supper 🐠 Sunfish
  • 2 Tickets to X Event (chosen by influencer) — inspired by the 🏀 Courtside 🐱 Cat
  • 1 All Of The AboveSelf Explanatory

100% of the proceeds from the 15 NFT’s for every influencer will go to their charity of choice!

Part 2 — How Book Games 📕🕹 Inspired Missions Everyday

Instead of bartering NFT’s for books (like Gary Vaynerchuk brilliantly did) Trevor Marks designed a new type of ‘barter system’ for each influencer for those that decide they want NFT’s of their own as a part of this project. They’ll just have to support VaynerNFT 💙 and Charity Water 💛

In partnership with VaynerNFT, when we mint the 15 NFT’s for each influencer, we’re actually going to mint 20 NFT’s. 5 of these — one for each experience — will be available after the initial 15 NFT’s are purchased for an automatic airdrop directly to that influencers wallet if they support VaynerNFT and Charity Water. Gary coined GOO and it’s explained below

VeeFriends Instagram Post

We’re going to tweak GOO for Missions Everyday. Because this is part 2 of this project, we’ll call it TWO — but it can also stand for Trevor Marks Was Owner since he designed and created this NFT project

Or we can coin it VOW standing for Vastly Overflowing Water for all or even Vayner Optimistically Wants Water for all and it’s this projects VOW to help solve the global water crisis (Trevor Marks likes this better!)

To be very clear for every VOW (or TWO) NFT…

50% of the proceeds will go directly to VaynerNFT and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Charity Water

Here’s the breakdown of the barter system for each influencer:

  • Ambassador or Empathetic Entertainer — will get a 6th Facetime NFT
  • Partner or Kind & Compassionate Champion — will get a 5th Special Gifts NFT
  • Local Legend — will get a 4th Brunch, Lunch or Dinner NFT
  • Global Giver — will get a 3rd ticket to X Event NFT
  • Rachel Beckwith Hall of Fame — will get a 2nd All Of The Above NFT

For $10,000 each influencer will be recognized as an Ambassador and will…

  • Be a part of the $5,000 Charity Water Club
  • Be invited to share their story on our 120 second podcast
  • Will get 1 ticket 🎟 for the random drawing of the The Original 365 NFT

For $20,000 each influencer will be recognized as a Partner and will…

  • Be a part of the $10,000 Charity Water Club
  • Be a DoorDash Partner for the day by answering what their favorite meal is in the speed round (will also get meal or X complimentary from DoorDash)
  • Will get 5 tickets 🎟 for the random drawing of the The Original 365 NFT

For $50,000 each influencer will be recognized as a Local Legend and will…

  • Be a part of the $25,000 Charity Water Club
  • Be allowed to invite a new influencer to be a part of The Next 5000 Days
  • Will get 25 tickets 🎟 for the random drawing of the The Original 365 NFT

For $100,000 each influencer will be recognized as a Global Giver and will…

  • Be a part of the $50,000 Charity Water Club
  • Be invited to choose a brand partnership
  • Turn the 2–5 minute interview into a 10 minute interview with a mid interview brand sponsorship announcement that X brand is also supporting X charity because of X reason (might need work, open to iterating)
  • Will get 125 tickets 🎟 for the random drawing of the The Original 365 NFT

For $200,000 each influencer will be recognized as a member of the Rachel Beckwith Hall of Fame and will…

  • Be a part of the $100,000 Charity Water Club
  • Be invited to a ‘Charity Water Type Gala’ in 2024 for The Original 365
  • Will get 625 tickets 🎟 for the random drawing of the The Original 365 NFT

What is The Original 365?

You can read the entire 13 minute article that explains the history of Missions Everyday NFT project here. Below is the TLDR version

The Original 365 will be a collage of the first 365 influencer and their NFT’s mirroring Beeple’s Everydays The First 5,000 Days. At the end of 2023, we’ll mint a 2/2 NFT series just like Beeple minted a 1/1 NFT for his big sale. 1 of the 2 NFT’s will be available for sale at the beginning of 2024 to the public with 100% of the proceeds going to 💛🚰 Charity Water. The other NFT will randomly be given to one of the 365 influencers that support VaynerNFT 🥊💙 and Charity Water 💛🚰

Do you think that once this NFT is minted that there will be a chance that somebody buys it for more than Beeple’s $69 million

What is The Next 5000?

After 2023, we’ll continue this project for another consecutive 5,000 days and we’ll repeat the same thing we did for The Original 365 Days

Inspired and iterated on by:

Finally, as far as the actual NFT’s we’ll mint for this project…

Trevor Marks would like to think VaynerNFTand maybe even their broader community of artists — would love to partner together to create custom pieces of art for the influencers and their charities for this project

On November 14th, 2019Gary Vaynerchuk’s 44th birthday — Trevor Marks created and posted the video below. He referenced creating custom pieces of art that’d we’d put on a limited number of shirts 👕 to raise for charity. Trevor Marks has been manifesting this moment before he understood what the blockchain could really do and before Gary Vaynerchuk or Trevor Marks even knew what NFT’s were

Here’s the full video from November 14th, 2019

The last thing we’ll (re)document is that

as you hopefully know by now because of the Another ‘Everydays’ NFT Project

Below’s the YouTube video Trevor documented on November 14th, 2019
Additionally, here’s the Instagram Post from November 14th, 2019 too! This video also directly ties into how I want to invest $50,000 into Vayner employees VaynerMissions ❤️ Here’s my 90 Day Action Plan for VaynerMissions

Moving forward in 2023 when Missions Everyday is live, Trevor Marks will wear 365 white shirts 👕 with Gary’s meme on the front of every shirt 👕 every single day — just like Andy below — with a picture of the NFT that we create of the influencer and charity we’re celebrating and raising money for that day on the back of the shirt 👕

Trevor Marks is sure Gary Vaynerchuk would fucking love this because this NFT project is part of the 2% of projects that will actually provide value and stand the test of time

Just like Trevor Marks has done for over 3 years, let’s iterate on this NFT project — if necessary — and create this exclusive and impactful community that provides utility, access and collaboration for supporters of these incredibly worthy charities and make positivity ❤️ louder 🗣 in our world 🌎 and make it a better place

With ❤️ from Trevor Marks — Also the Visionary of VaynerMissions and Storygiving



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