Helping Charity Water 🚰 And Pencils Of Promise ✏️ Accomplish Their Missions In Our Lifetime

The Next 15 Years — Part 1: The Missions Everyday NFT Project

See how Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends 🐼🐬🐘 and Book Games 📕🕹 NFT projects influenced, inspired and helped design Missions Everyday ❤️

What is Missions Everyday?

Think Omaze, but as NFT’s. Think of Missions Everyday as if VeeFriends and Omaze got married 💍 and had a 👶 baby. Missions Everyday is an exclusive, invite-only NFT project that’s going to set a new standard in the NFT space over the next 15+ years and make a difference for millions of people around the 🌍 world.

Here’s the video explaining Team Empathy vs Team Kindness & the Missions Everyday NFT project

The Next 15 Years: Part 2 — Storygiving ❤️ on your Work Anniversary 📅

Back in 2006, Charity Water pioneered the 🎁 birthday fundraiser movement. Since then, millions of people have donated their 🎁 birthdays to charities close to their ❤️ hearts!

What’s been missing from the incredible 🌍 global movement

Scott started is the support from the business leaders and companies we all work at in society ⬇️

Here’s the video explaining the potential for what Storygiving could and should look like in society by 2030



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Think Facebook birthday 🎁 fundraisers, but at VaynerX 🍯 🌆 and on your Vaynerversary instead ❤️