Helping Charity Water 🚰 And Pencils Of Promise ✏️ Accomplish Their Missions In Our Lifetime

Below Trevor Marks shares two opportunities, from his perspective, that he believes will help Charity Water 💛 and Pencils of Promise ✏️ get closer to accomplishing both of their missions in our lifetime

The Next 15 Years — Part 1: The Missions Everyday NFT Project

See how Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends 🐼🐬🐘 and Book Games 📕🕹 NFT projects influenced, inspired and helped design Missions Everyday ❤️

Team Empathy and Team Kindness have one collective goal. To make positivity ❤️ louder 🗣 in our world 🌎 for thousands of charities over the next 15+ years with this one of a kind NFT project. There are so many ways to make our 🌍 world a better place and I believe bringing Missions Everyday to life is a really good one!

What is Missions Everyday?

Think Omaze, but as NFT’s. Think of Missions Everyday as if VeeFriends and Omaze got married 💍 and had a 👶 baby. Missions Everyday is an exclusive, invite-only NFT project that’s going to set a new standard in the NFT space over the next 15+ years and make a difference for millions of people around the 🌍 world.

Here’s the video explaining Team Empathy vs Team Kindness & the Missions Everyday NFT project

The Next 15 Years: Part 2 — Storygiving ❤️ on your Work Anniversary 📅

Back in 2006, Charity Water pioneered the 🎁 birthday fundraiser movement. Since then, millions of people have donated their 🎁 birthdays to charities close to their ❤️ hearts!

What’s been missing from the incredible 🌍 global movement

Scott started is the support from the business leaders and companies we all work at in society ⬇️

Storygiving outlines what the future of corporate philanthropy will look like. It’s tokenized, gamified, decentralized and empowers employees to create their ‘401K For Their Soul’ throughout their careers. At the end of the day it’s a better version of the lifeless, uninspiring and broken charity matching programs in society and it’s going to be an integral part of Web 3.0 in the 🔮 future 💯

Here’s the video explaining the potential for what Storygiving could and should look like in society by 2030

With ❤️ from Trevor Marks — Visionary of VaynerMissions and Storygiving



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Think Facebook birthday 🎁 fundraisers, but at VaynerX 🍯 🌆 and on your Vaynerversary instead ❤️