Are You Rooting For Team Gary or Team Scott?

4 min readFeb 16, 2022

Which team will have the bigger impact? Team Empathy — Gary Vaynerchuk’s team or Team Kindness— Scott Harrison’s team? 🤔

Trevor thought it would be pretty cool…

if Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Harrison were the two team captains for the Missions Everyday Project

because this project was designed to help

  • charity: water 💛 raise millions of dollars to help their incredible nonprofit solve the global 🌍 water 🚰 crisis over the next 15+ years
  • and because it was also designed to provide a ton of value and revenue to VaynerNFT 🥊 as our designated partner to bring this NFT Project to life

Together we’re going to provide an insane amount of value to so many different people and tons of worthy charities as a part of this community ❤️

Charity Water 👕 with Gary and Dark ☁️👟’s with Scott. Coincidence or strategically planned? 😎

Lets Make It A Competition

Which team will ultimately raise more money for charity? Will it be Team Scott or Team Gary? 🤔

The Rules Are Simple

  • Flip a coin to see who goes first
  • Odd rounds = picking female influencers — 50% of the influencers invited will be women
  • Even rounds = picking male influencers — 50% of the influencers invited will be men
  • In a thoughtful effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion: the 365 influencers will range across gender, race, ethnicities, sexual orientation, professions, industries and even countries — including athletes, celebrities, actors/actresses, singers, rappers, DJ’s, comedians, journalists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, astronauts, chefs, TV hosts, models, internet personalities, reality TV stars, artists, writers, activists, politicians, and world leaders
  • Scott and Gary can reference the 365 influencers from Trevor Marksshirts from 2019 who collectively have…

Shirts 👕 From 2019

Gary, Scott and 363 other influencers were on my 👕’s in 2019. Check out my Open Letter to all of them here and check out why I asked each of them what their Birthday Mission for was ❤️

Once Teams Are Formed

Trevor Marks believes that 100% of the 363 people chosenbecause Scott and Gary round out the 365will want to be a part of this NFT Project because…

  • It’s for a great cause that will support hundreds and eventually thousands of charities that different influencers deeply care about
  • Most of the influencers have already shown ‘the market’ they’ll partner with Omaze and the All In Challenge for great causes or even donate their birthdays to charities they’re passionate about supporting
  • It’s an extremely exclusive invite only community (basic supply + demand)
  • Each influencer that’s invited to be a part of this exclusive community will have an opportunity to collect custom and unique NFT’s
  • Get positive PR and exposure for their personal brands and their public image
  • Provide once in a lifetime type experiences for incredible people who also support their charities

First Come First Serve

The goal of the project is to support 365 different charities in 2023, so once a charity is tweeted by one of the 365 influencers — like in the examples from 2020 below — then it can’t be chosen by another influencer that year!

Work With Artists To Create NFT’s

Once we have the master list of the 365 influencers and the charities they want to support, we’ll work with artists who’ll create the unique art pieces that we’ll mint into NFT’s — like the example of Gary Vaynerchuk from 2020 below!

In 2022 we will

  • Have the draft between Team Scott and Team Gary
  • Organize the charities each influencer chooses
  • Work with artists to create custom art pieces for the influencer + charity chosen
  • Write up the smart contracts for each influencers based upon what they want to provide to fans who support their charity of choice
  • Prepare to mint the NFT’s and prepare to launch this project in 2023

In 2023 we will

  • Share a Mission Every Single Day ❤️
  • Mint 15 unique NFT’s for each influencer + their charity every day ❤️

Here’s the video I documented on November 14th, 2019 that has helped design this NFT Project today ❤️

I documented this on Gary’s 44th birthday — on November 14th, 2019

Additional Resources for Missions Everyday NFT Project

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Think Facebook birthday 🎁 fundraisers, but at VaynerX 🍯 🌆 and on your Vaynerversary instead ❤️