Another ‘Everydays’ NFT Series: A Story About Partnering With VaynerNFT On A Unique NFT Project

Beeple and Ghozali’s ‘Everydays’ OpenSea Accounts
Throughout 2019, Trevor repped Gary Vaynerchuk, Scott Harrison, Roselyn Sanchez and 362 other influencers on his shirts 👕 on their birthdays 🎁 so they could share their ‘Birthday Missions’ for causes and charities that were deeply important to each of them as a part of this invite-only community

At the time it failed miserably but now Trevor Marks has decided to…

In the profile picture above, Trevor met one of his idols — Scott Harrison, the founder of 💛 Charity Water — on December 6th 2019, with Giannis Antetokounmpo on his 👕 shirt. Scott is one of Gary’s good friends and ironically Trevor’s wearing Gary’s dark ☁️ cloud 👟 sneakers. Coincidence or strategically planned? 😎
Here’s the master list of all the influencers on Trevor’s 👕’s throughout 2019

Think Omaze, but as NFT’s

As a part of this NFT project moving forward

A snapshot of a few of the influencers on Trevor’s 👕’s in 2019…
that donated their birthdays 🎁 to causes they’re really passionate about supporting ❤️

To read Trevor Marks’ entire 13 minute article



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