The MVC and POAP Opportunity for GaryVee and Vayner Employees

5 min readDec 31, 2021


Re-read the title again. It rhymes! 🔥

Throughout 2022, Vayner employees will be able to share their VaynerMissions ❤️ as a part of a minimum viable community (MVC) 🥊

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  • What is a MVC?
  • What is a POAP?
  • What’s going on in society?
  • What’s the real opportunity for GaryVee?

What is a MVC?

On December 23rd, 2021

Greg Isenberg Tweeted this on Twitter and Alexis Ohanian posted this on Instagram!

At the 27 minute mark in the YouTube video below, you can listen to 5–6 minutes of what Alexis has to say and why he believes MVC’s will be the future of Web 3.0 and beyond.

“The Minimum Viable Community (MVC) is going to become the new standard.” Fast forward to the 27 minute mark to watch and listen to more!

Excerpt from Alexis interview

“The Minimum Viable Community (MVC) is going to become the new standard. You’re already seeing it in PFP projects, you’re seeing it across crypto — that is the new challenge. The core reason for that is everyone is overwhelmed with options, attention is scarce as a result and one of the best moats for that is community. I know that because I lived it. Reddit for 5 years almost had no investment, the product didn’t approve for half a decade, we barely stayed online. There is no business on the planet let alone in tech that should be allowed to do nothing for 5 years and grow every single year. It should not be allowed. That breaks every rule, and the reason it broke those rules is because of community. We got just enough right where it became a self-fulfilling flywheel of users who cared about spending time with other random anonymous users on the internet in these communities. It not only kept the site alive, it kept growing and thriving. As I watch everything that now unfolds under Web 3.0, I’m like I’ve seen this and I know this very well. The thing that drives all the success for this next wave of internet is going to start with community. And that’s a big fucking deal.”

What is a POAP?

Here’s Tyler Schmitt’s POAPs from 2021

VaynerMissions empowers Vayner employees to share their VaynerMission on their Vaynversary while simultaneously empowering each Vayner employee to support other Vayner colleagues on their Vaynversaries too. Similar to POAPs, we’ve tokenized and gamified how companies, business leaders and employees will give back through collecting unique NFT charity badges. Below is an example of what Tyler’s VaynerLegacy might look like! (Tyler’s VaynerLegacy is part of his ‘401K For His Soul’)

POAP on the left, POEP on the right!

POEPs (Proof of Employees Participating)

are going to revolutionize our lifeless and uninspiring charity matching programs and our broken corporate philanthropy systems by empowering employees to create their ‘401K For Their Souls’ throughout their careers ❤️

What’s going on in society?

Unfortunately, we’re witnessing the greatest tragedy of our generation ⬇️

Mike and Abby’s story resonates with Trevor Marks because he’s personally been affected by family members and friends that have struggled with addiction. Trevor Marks love that Instacart is matching donations for Abby, but it’s not enough because more than 90% of corporate philanthropy dollars are decided by less than 1% of the workforce. Plus, our corporate philanthropy system is broken. There’s a disconnect with what employees want — fulfillment, purpose, meaning, impact, recognition, appreciation, a voice, and an opportunity to share their story — and what our employers are giving us with the uninspiring, broken, low performing and lifeless charity matching programs nationwide. On top of that we have an entire generation suffering in silence. Trevor Marks understand that bringing VaynerMissions and the larger vision of Storygiving to life doesn’t solve all these issues, but it does democratize and decentralize how we give back and the impact we’ll collectively make together in our communities within the workplace at the companies we all work at too ❤️

What’s the real opportunity for GaryVee?

VaynerMissions doesn’t exist yet, but in 2022 Trevor Marks believes it will. Think Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, but at VaynerX and on your Vaynerversary instead. And by 2025, he believes Storygiving will exist too. Think VaynerMissions at VaynerX, but think bigger at the company you work at on your work anniversary. By 2030, Storygiving will be the new normal in society because it’s what people want!

GaryVee has the opportunity for Vayner employees to share their missions for causes, charities and colleagues that are important to them before it’s the new normal. We need more business leaders to be like Gary, Andrea, Claude and other Vayner leaders, who truly put their employees first ❤️ Trevor Marks believes VaynerMissions will add value to VaynerX’s brand, but more importantly to Vayner employees lives!




Think Facebook birthday 🎁 fundraisers, but at VaynerX 🍯 🌆 and on your Vaynerversary instead ❤️