NFT Homework Write Up For Gary and Drock About Missions Everyday

What is Missions Everyday?

How Do We Choose The First 365 Influencers?

Will Smith donated his birthday to Charity Water 🚰 in 2010 and Justin Bieber is a celebrity spokesman and advocate for Pencils of Promise ✏️
What if Mark Cuban and Tony Xu teamed up like they did in 2020 for #OpenForDelivery to go toe to toe with Gary Vaynerchuk and Matt Higgins? This time it could be #DeliveringEmpathy and #KillingWithKindness
Do we bring back Shaq vs Gronk? In 2020, Shaq and Gronk ‘Partied with a purpose’ and DoorDash and Feeding America teamed up to donate up to 1.25 million meals during the course of the party. Plus we KNOW Gary and AJ would love a chance to beat Brady for all the heartache 💔 he’s given them the last 20+ years to their beloved Jets
We could do the sharks vs the sharkettes! 🦈
DoorDash (Trevor’s soon to be former employer) has partnered with Bubba Wallace. One of Trevor’s friends, Austin Dillon, has been a Coca-Cola partner for years. Maybe we go Team DoorDash vs Team Coca-Cola?

Speaking of the Future…

To them it doesn’t matter who the captains end up being. They have the foundation and the roadmap built for the most impactful NFT project society will see over the next 15+ years.

Now A Couple Days After The Draft Is Over…

Trevor Marks And Kevin Sofen Understood The Assignment 😃



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