It’s Worth Supporting | narrated by Trevor Marks

Here’s my version of VaynerMedia’s 📹 award winning campaign with Megan Rapinoe ⚽️ and Budweiser 🍻

If you’re more of an audio person, check out the YouTube video linked below. If you’d prefer to read along at your leisure, skip the video and read through the slides :)

To the…
employees who shared their missions,
VaynerMedia thanks you.
They became the original storygivers of our generation.
But you made storygiving part of your (one) life too.
Together we showed the world we
First time givers,
support and engagement at an all time high,
and breaking giving records for important causes
Today, VaynerMedia is calling for
more brands
and more business leaders
to join them as official employee advocates
and supporters of the 401K For Your Soul.
Believe them when they say, it’s worth it.
Yeah, VaynerMedia employees love to storytell.
But they’re also mission-oriented
and legacy leaving human beings.
They’re purpose-driven people, just like your employees are too.
The more support employees get from their business leaders, the more the world will watch.
The more the world watches,
the closer we’ll all get
to leaving a storygiving legacy
we’re proud of
at the companies
we work at
throughout our lives.
And that’s something we can all support. Let’s all make positivity louder together
Won’t stop storygiving
Official supporter of the 401K For Your Soul
Help us invite more brands and business leaders to support their employees at (platform is currently being created, stay tuned!)

Inspired by VaynerMedia’s 📹 award winning campaign with Megan Rapinoe ⚽️ and Budweiser 🍻